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"Interact was most definitely one of the best decisions of my life. I joined on a whim but the amount of doors it has opened for me has been incredible. Through this club I have learned to be more independent, job experience, the ability to lead others, and much much more. This club is more than just volunteering, its a community of great, like-minded people who enjoy helping others." - Tommy Slagle, Oak Ridge Interact VP 2016-2017


"Interact has created an environment for people who enjoy volunteering to help in their community, while also meeting new people. It’s an easy and fun way to receive volunteer hours. Interact has been a major highlight of my time at Oak Ridge." - Amanda Foley, OR Interact President 2019-2020

"An easy way to get connected to the community." - Sam Reed, OR Interact Hours Coordinator 2017-2018

"Interact has allowed me to not only help the community, but help myself. It creates a safe, positive environment where everyone is welcome and every opinion matters." - Shane Simon, OR Interact Event Coordinator 2016-2017

"Interact has taught me numerous leadership skills, gave me an easy way to give back to my community, and allowed to connect with more people at Oak Ridge." - Logan Barth, OR Interact Event Coordinator 2018-19