Welcome to Interact 2017-2018!

Hi everyone! Welcome back if you're a returning member, and welcome to the club if this is your first year! We have some new plans and exciting changes this year that we're looking forward to.

  1. Hours refresher: You need 25 volunteer hours total to get your certificate at the end of the year, and 5 of those hours must be Green Hours
  2. Meetings: We meet on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of each month in B-3
  3. FOOD: We're actually bringing food this year since y'all won't show up unless we have cookies or something
  4. Event idea form: We are creating a new form if you have an event or fundraiser idea that you think we should try out! Make sure to include details about event location, date, time, etc. The link can be found here: https://goo.gl/forms/9xo7E7JwEbXOGjMx1
  5. Volunteer request form: If you know about an event that is looking for some volunteers, fill out this form. Link: https://goo.gl/forms/1UI9ykLllBhk9hpn1

Thanks, and we're looking forward to a great year!

-Samara Saquib, Vice President 2017-2018

News and Stuff

  • Mr. Seely's petition to rid the CCNR's of the "whites only" covenant has been added to the events calendar. Seems like it should be a good time. We especially need 18 year olds, as they're the only once who can legally collect signatures. SIGNUP  TO FIGHT RACISM. 
  • It's My Park day going on at the same time. They've got an appreciation barbecue for you afterwords, too. So that's nice. 
  • We have scheduled what might be the last recycling sorting for next Monday, immediately after 7th period. This will be your last chance to earn enough green hours to receive your certificate.
  • Our end-of-year party is next Thursday in B-3. Be there or be square (and hungry). 
  • Rotary President's dinner is the 20th's and signups are lookin' pretty dang good. There's still a few spots left if you're interested. 

Best of luck with finals and AP tests everyone. Keep interacting and whatever. 

End of Year Party

Our end of year party will be held on May 18th during lunch in B3 (as though it were a normal meeting.) There will be pizza, cookies or brownies or something, we'll pass out certificates, talk a little about the year, and maybe some other lit stuff. If your hours aren't complete by the 14th, then you won't get a certificate. If your hours aren't complete by the 26th, you won't get the recognition of being a true Interactor who interacted all the way.

Rummage Sale

Interact will be having a Rummage Sale at the CSD Community Garage Sale. We're asking for donations - anything that you'd usually sell at a garage sale. This could be clothing, books, toys, small furniture, etc. In return, you can get hours to help complete the requirement (Which is going to be due pretty soon.)

  • Each "bag" of items you bring in (or an amount of items roughly equivalent to the volume of one bag) will earn you one hour
  • I'm referring to the brown paper bags we used to be able to shop with before Jerry Brown passed the great Bag Exile of 2016
  • Larger furniture or otherwise unique items could also earn you an hour. We'll have a bit of discretion with this but don't worry, we'll be generous. 

Thanks, everyone! Keep up the good work!

Lip Dub

Every few years, all the clubs of oak ridge band together to create a video that will premier during the spring rally. It's a one-take lip dub, and a great opportunity to publicize our club. Come out and rep Interact!

  • Monday, April 3rd, 3-5PM
  • Meet in the new quad
  • Wear your interact shirt!

Election Results

The votes have been tallied!

President: Maya Sahtout

Vice President: Samara Saquib

Secretary; Connie Huang

Treasurer: Andrew Bellas

Event Coordinators: Pompiliu Girlonta and Tyler Barth

Media Coordinator: Eric Zhao 

Hours Coordinator: Sam Reed

Green Team: Emma Forbes and Eileen

Congratulations to the officer team of 2017/2018!  Thank you to everyone else who ran for a position! It takes a lot of courage. 

We'll be in touch with the future officers soon. Keep up the good work, everyone. 

Election Rules

Elections will be held on March 23rd. Keep a few things in mind:

  • Your speech should be kept under a minute and a half. I'll cut you off (with great prejudice) if you go over the allotted time.
  • You should probably discuss your experience/skills relevant to the position. 
  • Let's keep it clean. For Mr. Hodgin's sake. 
  • We'll vote by ballot. Candidates will get to cast a vote for each office, including their own.
  • The candidate with the most vote wins. If two candidates tie, we'll have a re-vote with only those two candidates. 

Green Team and Hours Coordinator should be an easy win, if you're looking for a position. No one's running for those yet, and they're both great positions.

If you don't win your original position, you can still apply for another if we still haven't gotten any signups. We'll probably reach out to you at that point. (Let's not get to that point).



Keep updated with us!

This year we've got a few ways to keep up with OR Interact other than the website. We've got the Remind101, which you can join by texting @orinteract to 81010. We also have the @oakridgeinteract Instagram, if you prefer to get your updates through IG, and we'll soon have the Oak Ridge Interact Twitter, which will also be @oakridgeinteract

As always, the website will be updated occasionally with news updates pertaining to big changes in the club or in general, but social media is another great way to keep up with the club too!

-Zach Zulanas, OR Interact Media Coordinator 2016-17

New Year, New Website!

In with the new school year, comes the new and hopefully future Oak Ridge Interact website! This year this website will be pretty active and might change a lot, in here you'll be able to find updates about events, officers, and the future of Interact! That's really all there is for this update, there's going to be much more to come though! 

-Zach Zulanas, OR Interact Media Coordinator