News and Stuff

  • Mr. Seely's petition to rid the CCNR's of the "whites only" covenant has been added to the events calendar. Seems like it should be a good time. We especially need 18 year olds, as they're the only once who can legally collect signatures. SIGNUP  TO FIGHT RACISM. 
  • It's My Park day going on at the same time. They've got an appreciation barbecue for you afterwords, too. So that's nice. 
  • We have scheduled what might be the last recycling sorting for next Monday, immediately after 7th period. This will be your last chance to earn enough green hours to receive your certificate.
  • Our end-of-year party is next Thursday in B-3. Be there or be square (and hungry). 
  • Rotary President's dinner is the 20th's and signups are lookin' pretty dang good. There's still a few spots left if you're interested. 

Best of luck with finals and AP tests everyone. Keep interacting and whatever.