Members are required to complete 30 hours of community service. Every meeting counts as .5 hours (30 minutes) toward club hours. Meetings are in B3 on the first and third Thursday of every month. 5 of the hours have to be green (recycling) hours). All the hours must be Interact sponsored events (found on the website under “Events”).


Interact Club runs the Oak Ridge recycling program. Every Tuesday at lunch, members of the club collect recycling from classrooms and bring it to the dumpster. Every time you go at lunch, it counts as .5 hours (30 minutes). Everything in the dumpster is sorted monthly and taken to the recycling facility for money. The money goes toward Interact projects. The sorting count as green hours.


The club’s purpose is giving back and helping around the community by volunteering at local schools, churches, marathons, and many other events. This can only be done through people joining and staying active in the club. By fulfilling all 30 hours, members would have positively impacted the community. Join the remind by entering 81010 and message @orinteract